Mobile marketing

With a total of 300m APAC in 2012, consumer spending via smartphones and tablets increased by over 150 percent compared to 2011. This indicates that mobile commerce continues to demonstrate substantial growth.

At Mologix(Digital Miles Group) we provide you with a performance-based mobile solution to take your business mobile. Our state-of-the-art mobile tracking supports:

  • Mobile websites
  • Mobile traffic
  • App tracking

Take advantage of the continuously growing opportunities for your mobile success!

Mobile tracking

We enable you to take your eCommerce Advertising activities mobile. Our mobile tracking, mobile-specific ad media, mobile landing pages and growing mobile traffic ensure top performance in m-commerce.

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Mobile SDK

With our Mologix(Digital Miles Group) mobile SDK (software development kit) for iOS, Windows and Android, you can monetise app installations and track in-app activity.

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Mobile campaigns

We currently send traffic to over 500 mobile client websites. Our mobile publisher base provides mobile traffic via innovative business models.

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Tips for your mobile advertising strategy

  • Design and use ad media specifically for the mobile medium, with clean, simple layouts and quick loading times

  • Create mobile landing pages optimised to convert mobile visitors into customers

  • Test and optimise your ads to achieve the best results

Mologix(Digital Miles Group) Mobile Performance Barometer

The Mologix(Digital Miles Group) Mobile Performance Barometer now provides unique mobile insights on a country-by-country basis. Now you can follow important new developments in your local market. Among others, the Barometer illustrates trends by revenue, transaction and device.

For Mologix(Digital Miles Group) advertisers, Mologix(Digital Miles Group) offers the individual Mologix(Digital Miles Group) mobile analyser tool. Advertisers can follow their mobile performance on a programme-specific basis. Mologix(Digital Miles Group) publishers can also track revenues generated by mobile devices and identify which mobile programmes are generating the most traffic. Learn more about mobile statistics.

Mologix(Digital Miles Group) mobile performance barometer


  • Increase your reach via our mobile publishers and boost your sales.
  • Benefit from the performance-based commission model – you only pay when you get paid


  • Convert your mobile traffic into money or extend your Ad-Networks business with a mobile website or app to increase your earnings.
  • Monetize your mobile traffic and earn attractive commissions.

What else we offer

eCommerce Advertising

Advertisers and publishers can find their perfect match in the Mologix(Digital Miles Group) marketplace to establish successful business relations. 

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Ad-Networks campaigns

Limited in time and budget, campaigns are the ideal, low-risk solution to bring about a swift boost in performance.

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Performance display

Reach out to new heights with performance-based retargeting and find the best-suited consumers for your budget.

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