eCommerce Advertising for your success

eCommerce Advertising is your opportunity to effectively market products and services online. The key advantage is the performance-based commission model.

As an advertiser, you can increase your sales and leads and you only pay when you get paid.

As a publisher, you can monetise your online traffic by promoting advertiser products and services.

The Mologix(Digital Miles Group) network

Mologix(Digital Miles Group) creates partners. In the Mologix(Digital Miles Group) network advertisers and publisher connect and mutually boost their eCommerce Advertising business.

Get connected

Your profile
Create a comprehensive and appealing profile to be visible to potential partners. Significance counts to call attention.

Find the best matching partners for your business and benefit from our network of experts.

A wide range of industry events offer you the opportunity to meet your partners in real life. Take advantage of this opportunity to deepen your relationships and initiate new ones.

The Mologix(Digital Miles Group) platform

Our platform offers a wide range of easy-to-use solutions and services to enhance and review your eCommerce Advertising strategy.

Our tools for your performance

Ad Media and Product Data
We support all established types of ad media and offer standardised comprehensive product data information.
Tip: Try out our Mologix(Digital Miles Group) AdDelivery to automatically serve and optimise banner ads on your website.

Our reports are easy to read and can be customised in no time.
Statistics for advertisers:

Shared Tracking
Real-time information on your sales and leads in the Mologix(Digital Miles Group) marketplace dashboard. More about shared tracking.

Billing & Payments
We take care of all billing and payment processes related to our platform regularly and in a transparent way.

Mologix(Digital Miles Group) tracking

We use multiple tracking standards to deliver most reliable results on your performance.

Mologix(Digital Miles Group) tracking maps each transaction with a unique publisher to be credited. Mologix(Digital Miles Group) automatically attributes a specific value to each transaction based on the advertiser's commission models.

What do we track?

Monetise your performance

ID Tracking
This cookieless tracking is also called session tracking as it is based on a unique tracking ID for one browser session. This means, the lead/sale needs to be made within the same session as the initial click.

Cookie Tracking
With cookie tracking, a Mologix(Digital Miles Group) cookie is saved on the user's computer whenever the user visits a publisher's website and clicks on one of the ad media displayed there.

Fingerprint Tracking
In this pro¬cess, clicking on the ad medium causes a digital ‚fingerprint' to be created via a special algorithm, using various data, e.g. IP address, browser version and system version of the user's computer, unique navigator/equipment codes etc.

Learn more about Mologix(Digital Miles Group) Ad-Networks tracking.


  • Extend your reach and increase your sales via our quality publisher network
  • Benefit from the performance-based commission model – you only pay when you get paid


  • Gain access to more than 4,200 advertisers and their programmes in the network
  • Monetize your online traffic and earn attractive commissions

How other clients became successful


Karavel/Promovacances, France's no. 1 website for holiday reservations, enjoying increased sales thanks to performance-based marketing.


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We take advantage of the many great Ad-Networks programs and especially the technical services such as Mologix(Digital Miles Group) APIs and interfaces. With several thousand coupons and discounts we have to rely on the technical solutions and further developments of networks - we completely rely on Mologix(Digital Miles Group).

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What else we offer

Mobile marketing

Monetise and optimise your mobile performance. Our mobile and app tracking ensure your success. 

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Ad-Networks campaigns

Limited in time and budget, campaigns are the ideal, low-risk solution to bring about a swift boost in performance.

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Performance display

Reach out to new heights with performance-based retargeting and find the best-suited consumers for your budget.

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