Mologix(Digital Miles Group) VIP Club – The exclusive service programme for top publishers

Our best, top-quality publishers are gathered in the Mologix(Digital Miles Group) VIP Club. Do you also count among our network’s most successful and widest-reaching partners? As a Mologix(Digital Miles Group) VIP publisher, you benefit from our extended service offers and exclusive earning opportunities. With the VIP seal advertisers can tell at a glance how good you are and that they can trust you.

High standards as your entrance pass

Mologix(Digital Miles Group) VIP publishers offer advertisers above-average performance and a top-quality, heavily-frequented online offerings with attractive ad spaces. A Mologix(Digital Miles Group) expert committee will adjudicate on the nomination and admittance of publishers into the Mologix(Digital Miles Group) VIP Club.

What you need to bring to the table, if you want to become a Mologix(Digital Miles Group) VIP publisher:

  • You perform your publisher activity as a company.
  • Your preferred source of income is performance marketing.
  • You provide high traffic and have very good sales performance.
  • You are internationally active.
  • You offer your target group top-quality and relevant content or value-added services.
  • You adhere strictly to the Mologix(Digital Miles Group) Code of Conduct.

Your benefits as a Mologix(Digital Miles Group) VIP publisher

  • Prominence through the Mologix(Digital Miles Group) VIP seal of quality
  • Exclusive information on top-performing programmes and advance notice of programme launches
  • Invitation to all beta tests for new Mologix(Digital Miles Group) products and features
  • Personal Mologix(Digital Miles Group) Key Account Manager
  • Exclusive 24-hour VIP service e-mail
  • Return call service
  • Company profile on the Mologix(Digital Miles Group) website (optional)
  • Invitation to all Mologix(Digital Miles Group) events and exclusive VIP functions
  • The opportunity to appear as a speaker at Mologix(Digital Miles Group) events

Incidentally: Your VIP status gives you access to exclusive earning opportunities with advertisers.

With its strict quality criteria, the Mologix(Digital Miles Group) VIP Club offers a high degree of transparency for all parties and sets new standards in network quality.

You can find a selection of our top-performing VIP publishers below.

VIP publisher profiles

advanced STORE

advanced-STORE was founded as a limited liability company in autumn 2008. Their range of services includes optimisation of revenue and profit, as well as the performance of websites. Specialties of the Berlin-based company are well-thought-out web tuning, context-related ad media, click- and conversion-optimised landing pages, and target group specific communication. As maxims they champion long-running relationships with advertisers and publishers, transparency, and innovation. "The Mologix(Digital Miles Group) VIP Club-seal is a door-opener and a distinction that the market takes notice of," says Marc Majewski, founder and Managing Director of advanced STORE.


cayada was founded in Berlin in late 2004. Their central competence lies in providing professional advertising solutions for the new media sector. cayada develops and implements effective online strategies and marketing concepts with high sales conversions. Long lasting experience and distinctive know-how of eCommerce Advertising, search engine marketing and branding performance advertising make cayada a strong partner for advertisers. Accurate work, transparency and continuous control of success are the most important factors for effective online-marketing and long relationships with the advertisers.


Actisens has five years of experience in advertising management and optimises the ad spaces of over 300 websites (display ads, site-under, e-mailing, co-registration).


Imbull is an international company based in The Netherlands, specializing in coupons and discount codes. In 2008 the company was founded in Amsterdam, and its reach has now spread to countries all over the world. They are currently well on their way to becoming one of the world’s biggest couponing companies and in The Netherlands they are most well-known for their websites and The launch of their new website aims to help people save money online in over 50 countries across the world. A team of international editors with a passion for coupons and online marketing are now ready to begin.

Kaizen Marketing Group

Kaizen Marketing Group is an international specialist in search engine marketing (SEM). The company commenced trading in 2005 under the name Affili Action and re-branded in 2009, in order to better reflect the evolution of their business model and expansion of their range of services.

Kaizen (Japanese for "continuous improvement") refers to philosophies or practices that focus on achieving perfection through permanent improvement of processes in both production and management. Applied to SEM, Kaizen Marketing Group's philosophy is to constantly monitor and improve their clients' PPC campaigns through systematic performance analysis and adjustments, both on the editorial and bid management fronts.


mainADV is a worldwide performance-based internet marketing company based in Pescara, central Italy. The company was founded in February 2008. The aim of mainADV is to deliver the best performance by using the best internet quality products in terms of contents and conversions. Their revenue model is based on CPA cost per action model; revenue is generated mainly when a lead or sale is completed.


Momondo is a Danish initiative founded by experienced people from the travel industry and skilled programmers with a common interest in travelling and new technology. Their multilingual website is a cutting-edge web 2.0 travel site that searches flights, hotels and cars; no other flight search engine searches as many websites as Momondo. They are constantly refining search functions, adding new functions, and expanding the network of websites they search. Momondo offers high quality traffic to travel suppliers filtering lookers to bookers.

Red Team Media

Red Team Media started five years ago in performance marketing and have been working with Mologix(Digital Miles Group) almost from the beginning. Apart from their headquarters in Panama, they have offices in Buenos Aires, New York and Berlin. As online marketing veterans, their aim is to generate as much relevant traffic as they can, optimizing the chosen budgets. They also develop content on demand and manage over 200 own sites.


redvertisment was founded in Berlin in 2005. As a first class traffic broker, they sell ad spaces on large websites on a revenue-sharing or CPM basis. Through performance-based payment, advertisers working with redvertisment can analyse actual campaign performance measured by their reach. redvertisment offers advertisers a platform to achieve widely-varied campaign goals - whether branding, increasing revenues, or generating new customers - using a single, highly-optimised post-view ad-serving system that has been developed since 2002.

Scito Media

Scito Media is a young, professional and innovative internet marketing company with a strong focus on eCommerce Advertising. It began life as a hobby and transformed into a professional company. Founded in February 2007, Scito Media is currently active in several APACan countries and still rapidly growing and expanding. Scito Media's motto is: "The sky is the limit if you have what it takes to be an Ad-Networks marketer!"