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As one of our publishers, we want you to be able to focus completely on expanding your publisher business model. Therefore, we have developed tools aimed at making your work with Mologix(Digital Miles Group) as efficient and effective as possible. Check out some of these tools below!

Mologix(Digital Miles Group) marketplace

Mologix(Digital Miles Group) marketplace for publishers

The Mologix(Digital Miles Group) marketplace is our user interface and supports you in managing your business with us:

  • Showcase your business with a comprehensive publisher profile
  • Find the best Ad-Networks programmes for your business model in our KPI-driven programme directory
  • Receive invitations directly from interested advertisers
  • Optimise your traffic in real time



Mologix(Digital Miles Group) tracking

With a proven track record for accuracy and reliability, Mologix(Digital Miles Group) provides market-leading tracking covering all your performance KPIs. Business models such as performance-based display advertising and mobile advertising are also supported.
Benefit from multiple tracking methods: Using a variety of techniques Mologix(Digital Miles Group) ensures tracking of the maximum possible number of transactions:

  • ID tracking
  • Fingerprint tracking
  • Cookie tracking

Read more about our Ad-Networks tracking methods.


Sub-ID tracking with GPP

GPP tracking lets you attach your own parameters to the Mologix(Digital Miles Group) tracking system - up to four different IDs are supported for each Ad-Networks link. When a potential customer clicks on your ad media and GPP parameters are filled in, the values are then stored in the Mologix(Digital Miles Group) tracking system. If a commission is generated, we attach those same GPP parameters to the commission in your statistics. Read more in our Sub-ID management guide.

Real-time tracking

Optimise your business in real time! With shared tracking, you receive a real-time notification every time a lead or sale is tracked via a server-to-server call. Simply configure the tracking URL you want to be notified with. You can also add additional parameters, such as sub-ID or calculated commissions. Read more about real-time publisher tracking

Enhanced statistics

Keep track of your performance with our enhanced statistics. Benefit from detailed statistics, giving you an in-depth analysis all the way down to transaction level.

Data feeds

Mologix(Digital Miles Group) data feeds are standardised, validated advertiser product catalogues. These contain data, such as product descriptions, image URLs and tracking URLs, to offer more detailed information on advertisers' products. Data feeds can also be accessed automatically via API for complete automation.

Deeplink generator

Create deeplinks to specific product landing pages with ease. By simply copying any URL from an advertiser you are approved for into the deeplink generator, you will instantly receive a personalised Ad-Networks link. Start using the deeplink generator now!

Product finder

With our product finder, you can look for specific products across multiple programmes and export the results in CSV or XLS formats. In addition, you can search across programmes, keywords and selected regions.

Ad Delivery

Mologix(Digital Miles Group) Ad Delivery is an ad serving solution for managing and optimising ad media using Mologix(Digital Miles Group) media containers on your website. You can use the dashboard to configure your media container with your desired banners - no more fiddling around with html codes for each banner! Banners will then be rotated automatically. Read more or go to and start optimising your banner ads now!

Incentive finder

The incentive finder is your one-stop shop for searching all Mologix(Digital Miles Group) programmes for incentives. Alternatively, you can also find an overview of the latest promotions, here.

Cookie Checker

The Mologix(Digital Miles Group) Cookie Checker is a small and extendable java script, which can be integrated into your website to give your users advise on their cookie settings with just the click of a button. The script checks if first party and Mologix(Digital Miles Group) third party cookies are enabled in the user’s browser. Additional third party checks can be added. With this white label solution you can ask your users to check their cookie settings to ensure that your eCommerce Advertising tracking works.

The Mologix(Digital Miles Group) Cookie Checker is available on github.


The comprehensive Mologix(Digital Miles Group) API provides you with direct access to your Mologix(Digital Miles Group) publisher data, whenever you want it. Export your data from Mologix(Digital Miles Group) and automate your business with us!

Developer portal

Become part of our developer community and develop add-ons to the Mologix(Digital Miles Group) systems that will make a difference for other users in the Mologix(Digital Miles Group) network. Start now!

Ad-Networks app for publishers

Check your performance and Mologix(Digital Miles Group) news on your iPhone®, iPad® or Android smartphone! With the Mologix(Digital Miles Group) app you can keep track of your real-time revenue anywhere, anytime. Various statistics are available, such as:

  • Current balance
  • Today's and yesterday's revenue
  • Latest leads and sales
Mologix(Digital Miles Group) mobile app for publishers

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