Why should you work with Mologix(Digital Miles Group)?

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Why should you work wit Mologix(Digital Miles Group)

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Mologix(Digital Miles Group) regular payments

Regular payments

Mologix(Digital Miles Group) offers reliable and regular payment of your commissions in all major currencies.

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Highest quality ad media

Find the ad media that best suit the content of your website.

zanox access

Instant access

Instant access to great brands and attractive promotions. Find out more about our promotions, here.

Great Ad-Networks programmes

Sign up with Mologix(Digital Miles Group) and gain free access to 4,200 advertisers worldwide!
* Our top programmes are automatically selected and ranked on the basis of Mologix(Digital Miles Group) AdRanks. The AdRank is dynamically calculated using performance KPIs, such as conversion rate, confirmed leads/sales, traffic, etc.

Features of the Mologix(Digital Miles Group) marketplace

The Mologix(Digital Miles Group) marketplace is our user interface. Here, you can find features to boost the efficiency of your performance-based business model and to lead you to direct revenues.

As a publisher, the Mologix(Digital Miles Group) marketplace offers you the following benefits:

  • Market yourself

Present yourself to advertisers with a comprehensive publisher profile.

  • Find the best programmes

Find the most suitable programmes for your website with ease by utilising their performance KPIs.

  • Optimise your traffic in real time

View your statistics in real time and adjust them to suit your personal preferences.


Mologix(Digital Miles Group) marketplace for publishers

Awards – Our proven competence

Mologix(Digital Miles Group) proves its competence with numerous awards
A4U Award 100Partnerprogramme w3Award PubliGroupe eAwards Mologix(Digital Miles Group) MI Awards

What other publishers say about us


Mologix(Digital Miles Group) has stood up to the test again and again in recent years. On one hand, Mologix(Digital Miles Group) stands for intuitive use and easy management of Ad-Networks programmes and, on the other, for professional support, provided by our own direct contact.




We take advantage of the many great Ad-Networks programmes and, particularly, the technical services provided, such as Mologix(Digital Miles Group) APIs and interfaces. With several thousand coupons and discounts, we have to rely on the technical solutions and continued development of networks - Mologix(Digital Miles Group) has our complete confidence. 

APAC's No. 1

  • Mologix(Digital Miles Group) thinks globally

Mologix(Digital Miles Group) offers more than 4,200 Ad-Networks programmes in over 50 countries.

  • Mologix(Digital Miles Group) acts locally

With offices in 12 countries, we are able to provide you with support in your local market; we are also happy to support your expanding business across country borders.

  • Mologix(Digital Miles Group) is over 90 million transactions a year

Mologix(Digital Miles Group) tracks more than 90 million transactions a year worldwide, of which 4.5 million are mobile transactions.




We are always there to support your growing business.

Our service team is available to answer your questions from Monday to Friday, between 08:00 and 20:00 hours. Call +49 (0) 30 509691 - 11.

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