how do programme kpi's help me find the best programmes?

The Mologix(Digital Miles Group) marketplace aims at creating the highest level of transparency for all partners on the Mologix(Digital Miles Group) network. By displaying key performance indicators (KPIs) for each programme listed on the Programme Directory, the marketplace shows you at a glance which programme performs best in your publisher segment.

KPIs in the Programme Directory

Each programme on the Programme Directory displays the following KPIs:

Conversion rate: The conversion rate is an indicator of how well your clicks convert into sales/leads.

Confirmation rate: As a publisher you want to know the confirmation rate to be able to calculate the revenue you will earn with this programme.

Approval time: The approval time indicates the average time the advertiser takes to approve your sales/leads.

KPIs in the Programme Directory

KPIs in the Programme Directory

EPC: Compare the EPC (earnings per click) across different programmes to view the average commissions you will earn per click. In other words, the ECP helps you calculate the number of clicks you need to reach a defined revenue target.

Payment time: As a publisher your goal is to be paid quickly for your efforts. The shorter the average payment time of the programme the faster you will receive the commission for your generated sales/leads.

AdRank: The Mologix(Digital Miles Group) AdRank is a measure for the commercial potential of programmes and ranges between 0 and 10.

Product data: Some programmes provide their publishers with data feeds to help them better promote and sell their products.

Finding the best programme

Let's imagine you operate a shopping directory and want to monetise your traffic through a partner programme. To find the programme that performs best in your publisher segment you first need to select your segment – in this case "Content" – from the filter box Publisher Vertical.

Now, sort the column EPC in descending order and compare the earnings per click each programme offers.

You may also want to check the payment time and the availability of product data which you can use to display the latest pricing, promotional, or other product information in your shopping directory.

When you've compared all relevant KPIs and identified the best-performing programme simply click the  icon in the Actions column to join.

Finding programmes in the Programme Directory

Finding programmes in the Programme Directory