How to be a successful publisher

How to be a successful publisher


  • A business plan

  • Relevant traffic

  • Dedication to your projects

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Boost your potential with eCommerce Advertising!

  A business plan

An attractive business model that focuses on simplifying the buying process for the end consumer is more likely to convert your visitors into customers. If the visitors' experience of your website is positive, they are more likely to return. A concept that sets you apart from other publishers on the market will enhance your chances of success.

  • Be unique
  • Be attractive

  A plan to

  generate traffic

Traffic or visitors that are able to view the ad media on your website/newsletter can be converted into customers. Important questions to bear in mind are: Why should people visit your website and not those of your competitors? Also, what sets you apart from all other websites?

  • Attract quality traffic
  • Find different channels to generate traffic

  Dedication to

  your projects

You should dedicate a certain amount of time to your projects, in order to keep your services and related ad media up-to-date. A certain degree of web-editing skill will also help you to verify your ad space and to test different ad media. Once everything is up and running, you are ready to further optimise your Ad-Networks business.

  • Keep on optimising your business model

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Be mobile!

The mobile revolution

You don´t necessarily need a website to earn money with eCommerce Advertising. Creating a mobile portal or app is a new way of generating targeted traffic with the potential to convert into direct earnings.

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You create your own content or purchase traffic? You run a portal or community with lots of users? Your blog has a large number of followers and is attracting new readers all the time? Convert your traffic into cash and take advantage of our expertise in eCommerce Advertising.

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