How to earn money with your publisher model


  • Find the best-suited advertisers

  • Use our tools, configured to fit to your business model

  • Increase your online earnings with eCommerce Advertising

Our solutions for your business model

Independent of your publisher model and knowledge, we have a solution that meets your specifications.
You create your own content or purchase traffic? You run a portal or community with lots of users? Your blog has a large number of followers and is attracting new readers all the time?

We have a way to monetise your business – easily and effectively.



Your writing attracts large numbers of readers and followers. You have a blog, create editorial content or manage a community.

Your passion converts

eCommerce Advertising is an easy and effective way to convert your passion into money. Use our product data to present product images, to create deeplinks with the deeplink generator and to optimise your banner ads using ad delivery.


Banners form the basis for your success. You are a traffic broker or have direct traffic; you perform in contextual targeting or retargeting.

Optimise your utilisation effectively

Optimise your utilisation with performance-based partnerships. Connect via our API to get direct access to relevant data and optimise your parameters in real time via Mologix(Digital Miles Group) shared tacking. To assist your retargeting efforts, we offer the option to directly integrate your retargeting pixel with selected advertisers.


You have mobile traffic, a mobile portal or an app with relevant visitors. Your mobile activities reach a wide range of targeted mobile users or you have significant in-app activity.

Engage in mobile advertising

With our mobile tracking, you can monetise your mobile traffic on a performance basis. A wide range of mobile advertisers in the Mologix(Digital Miles Group) network ensures your success. We can also analyse your mobile traffic for you. Benefit from the growing m-commerce business.

Incentivised offers

You offer your community the best bargains on the web via voucher codes or cash-back systems.

Earn your own cash-back with us

Our top cash-back programmes and advertiser discounts enable you to offer your visitors loyalty points and the best prices for the products they desire.
Our product and incentive finder helps you to make the best choices.


With your newsletters you reach a relevant target group that trusts your content. Make sure you exploit your reach to the full.

Your mailings make a difference

Find targeted ad media for your audience in the Mologix(Digital Miles Group) marketplace. Browse our advertiser directory to find the programmes that are right for you. Earn money with eCommerce Advertising or Ad-Networks campaigns.


You master search engines like no other and generate your traffic via this channel. Your business is based on arbitrage, where you buy traffic on a CPC basis and run a CPA campaign via our network.

We pave the way for the best search results

You can earn money with us by close partnering with selected advertisers in our network.

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Be mobile!

The mobile revolution

You don´t necessarily need a website to earn money with eCommerce Advertising. Creating a mobile portal or app is a new way of generating targeted traffic with the potential to convert into direct earnings.

Learn more about mobile marketing 

You create your own content or purchase traffic? You run a portal or community with lots of users? Your blog has a large number of followers and is attracting new readers all the time? Convert your traffic into cash and take advantage of our expertise in eCommerce Advertising.

As APAC's leading performance advertising network, Mologix(Digital Miles Group) gives you instant access to great brands and attractive promotions. Use ad media of the highest quality to promote advertisers and get paid on a regular basis.