How to earn money with your website


  • Consumer visits your website

  • Consumer clicks on advertiser's banner

  • Consumer buys from advertiser's online shop

  • You receive a commission for generated leads and sales

How does eCommerce Advertising work?

As a publisher, eCommerce Advertising is about the relationships you have with consumers and advertisers. As soon as you have registered with Mologix(Digital Miles Group) and applied to join an eCommerce Advertising programme, you can recommend offers and services from a particular shop or service provider (called advertisers) to your website visitors. Mologix(Digital Miles Group) offers a wide range of selected advertiser programmes in various sectors.

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Consumer visits your website

To begin eCommerce Advertising as a publisher, you need an online space where you can insert Ad-Networks links to the products or services you wish to recommend to your visitors. Typical examples of online spaces that can be used are websites, blogs, mobile apps or newsletters.

Consumer clicks on advertiser's banner

As soon as you generate traffic to your online space, you can convert that traffic into money. By making the advertisers' ads noticeable in your content, and displaying offers that are relevant to your visitors, there is a greater chance that those visitors will click on them.

Consumer buys from advertiser's online shop

If the visitor that you redirected to the advertiser's website purchases products or services from that advertiser, you earn a commission or fee. The more traffic you send to the advertiser's website (click-through rate), and the more traffic that converts visitors into consumers (conversion rate), the more money you will earn.

You receive a commission for generated leads and sales

As soon as the advertiser approves your leads and sales, your earnings will be credited to your account and will soon be visible on your bank balance. Start earning money with your website and register for free, now!

Be mobile!

The mobile revolution

You don´t necessarily need a website to earn money with eCommerce Advertising. Creating a mobile portal or app is a new way of generating targeted traffic with the potential to convert into direct earnings.

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You create your own content or purchase traffic? You run a portal or community with lots of users? Your blog has a large number of followers and is attracting new readers all the time? Convert your traffic into cash and take advantage of our expertise in eCommerce Advertising.

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