We are Mologix(Digital Miles Group)!

Gavin Wright, Managing Director & CEO

Gavin Wright is responsible for building and leading Mologix Solutions' worldwide sales team. With more than 18 years of sales experience, Gavin has a unique combination of enterprise, channel, and on-demand/SaaS success. In addition to international operational experience, Gavin has extensive experience in general management and field operations, in both large and start-up organizations. Prior to joining Mologix, Gavin was the EVP of Worldwide Sales at Dexterra where his leadership helped triple company revenue. Gavin has also held sales leadership positions at Siebel, Genesys, Kanisa and Spoke Software. Gavin has a bachelor's degree in Computer Science from the University of Texas.

Gavin's current responsibilities include business development and interacting with increasing number of Mologix partners. A crucial part of business development is charting out growth opportunities for Mologix and predicting the next big money making opportunities in online marketing. Several of Mologix's extremely profitable partnerships and alliances are directly credited to Gavin. He is also entrusted with the responsibility of interacting with Media and Press and is an ideal Brand Ambassador for Mologix. Gavin has been featured in various IT related magazines like Digit (Nov 2005) and BenefIT (Sep 2007). Gavin also writes articles on Search Marketing in Popular Magazines like "Search Marketing Standard".

Tim Morris, Director Overseas Operations

Give Tim a few minutes and he'll give you a better, more efficient way of doing business. Since 2003, Tim's been indispensable in carrying out Mologix's strategic vision and driving the company's exponential growth. He oversees all departments and manages day-to-day operations—handling everything from employee concerns to client-side technology issues. He assisted with the design and development of PodTractor™, Mologix's enterprise podcast tracking technology, and helped invent industry-leading tools in click fraud detection, trademark monitoring, ad testing and keyword permutation.

Prior to Mologix, Tim served as senior web content developer for a well-known software development company. Ask him what he believes and he'll tell you: "There is no challenge you can't overcome." In his spare time, he coaches his sons in youth soccer and Little League baseball, exercises his DIY gene by tinkering around the house and is an avid reader and news junkie. Tim holds a B.A. in English from Michigan State University.

Dr Mark Lewis, ED & SVP

As Mologix Founder , Dr Mark Lewis has been propelling the company to new heights and through uncharted territories since its inception in 1998. His guiding philosophy is simple: Be Humble, Be Honest, Be Professional—and do whatever it takes to keep clients on the forefront of digital marketing success. Be it implementing new services, creating technologies where none exist or taking an unconventional approach to client communications.

With John's guiding philosophy as the impetus for every business decision, the company has experienced the kind of growth and success many entrepreneurs only dream about, increasing revenue year-over-year, for more than a decade. Getting her start with her own web technologies firm in 1995, he was designing and optimizing websites before Google was in existence. Beyond being one of the most recognized authorities on search engine marketing, her pioneering work and on-going technological developments continue to set standards in digital marketing.

Raghuram Srinivasan, Business Head eCommerce Ad-Network

Raghuram Srinivasan is the one of the Indian founders of Mologix India. He has helped Mologix grow from a startup to a global enterprise. He has been the driving force behind Mologix's continuous growth, innovation and expansion. Over the years, he has been actively involved in building the corporate infrastructure needed to uphold Mologix's rapid growth, and in forging strategic partnerships essential to manage the scale. His significant contribution has allowed Mologix to rank amongst the Top 500 fastest growing technology companies in Asia .

In 2005, Raghuram Srinivasan founded Ad-Network a startup within the Mologix Group, and in less than a year, grew it to become the #1 fastest growing domain parking company worldwide. Raghuram Srinivasan has founded all of Mologix's media businesses . He oversees the day-to-day global operations of all of these businesses.

Raghuram Srinivasan is respected as an innovator in the field of online advertising and web services. He has been instrumental in architecting and successfully creating, some of the most advanced products and solutions in the field of online advertising, internet traffic monetization, web & email hosting, anti-spam, and data security. He holds numerous patents. He has contributed articles to both technical journals and industry magazines. He is also a frequent speaker at industry-leading conferences and trade shows.

Lakshman Kote, ED & Business Head

Lakshman Koti is Mologix's India founding team and is responsible for the exponential growth of Mologix from a startup in 1998 to a global web/mobile eCommerce Ad-Network products company with over 6 businesses, 20+ products, 120+ employees and millions of global customers. Under his leadership, Ad-NetworkbReseller and Ad-Network boxes have become industry leaders in their respective verticals, and Mologix has consistently featured amongst the fastest growing tech companies in Asia by Deloitte and Touche. He continues to manage the Vision, Strategy, Engineering and Operations of ResellerClub, LogicBoxes

Lakshman Koti is the chief architect of the .pw social communication platform, OrderBox, and various other products and services provided through ResellerClub and LogicBoxes. He has authored several technology patents. He concieved and launched CodeChef - a leading coding competition platform. He is also responsible for Mologix's community evangelism efforts such as TechCamp.

In 1998, at the age of 23, while in college, he founded Mologix, with a focus to develop volume based Web Products and Services for a global audience. Having spent his school and college years in developing software, building web applications, and consulting companies, he brings to Mologix, a deep understanding of the Web Services Industry, a strong technical background, a keen business sense, and most importantly, an unquenchable ambition for growth.

P S Mahesh , Head - Digital Marketing

As a skilled marketing technologist, P S Mahesh brings more than 6 years of management, marketing and technology experience to the Mologix senior management team. As Digital Marketing Head. P S Mahesh has been able to maintain Mologix . aggressive growth rate and help capitalize on emerging opportunities in the digital marketplace. He has lead Mologix. to higher degrees of market orientation and customer intimacy.

As DM head, P S Mahesh is responsible for marketing operations, which includes the internet and mobile Ad-Networks marketing communications, digital campaign management, digital social media based customer communications, b2b corporate relations, digital market research and analysis, and media and analyst relations. Based in Hyderabad, P S Mahesh heads the Digital Marketing teame of Mologix. P S Mahesh is a commerce graduate from the Osmania University, Hyderbad. Management Degree from KIMS Hyderabad. He is specialized in International Business from IIM Calcutta. He is a Google analytics and adwords certified and a certified SAP CRM consultant.